more org improvements

I haven’t updated my org-mode system for a while. It’s been working great and I couldn’t come up with further improvements, at least that’s what I thought. Earlier this week though, I gave the org-mode manual another read and found a few additional gems that I’ve quickly added to my workflow.

Let me Tell You About Assassin's Creed Odyssey

I haven’t written about a video game here in a while, and I’m not sure why. I still spend a lot of time in video games, some are worthy of mentioning. This time I want to talk about how Assassin’s Creed surprised me in a good way and why I think this game is worth playing.

Keeping the Focus

Reading information in Linux is a pleasure. There are no distractions. No auto-play videos, no splash pages begging me to click banners, no Chrome browser to take forever to load. With time, as I transitions to use Hugo and Org-mode to create my blog, writing has become a pleasure too. I didn’t achieve this distraction-free environment in one day, many changes slowly “grew” on their on. If you’re guessing Emacs has something to do with this, you’re totally right.

Leaving Privacy-Invasive Apps Behind

I take my office with me back home in my back pocket every day. In the morning It’s on a shelf on my desk as I get ready for the day, emails and chats buzz by before I take it with me again to the office. I want to put it to some additional good use on my quest to reclaim my private personal life, but it’s not that easy.

Getting Expendable Accounts

The amount of information we need to give out to Google or Apple (or Twitter or Facebook) to create an account is shocking, but you wouldn’t even notice. That is until you try to do so without a smartphone. This post is a summary of my experience trying to open alternate accounts that do not lead back to me in any way. Spoiler: this has mostly failed.