Just Writing

It’s another gray day outside. I’m home today, trying to be productive, but my brain refuses to get into gear. It’s a feeling I’m familiar with; sometimes the “fog” can get worse. Today is not one of the more intense days, so I’m grateful for that.

Punching in/out the org-mode way

One of org-mode’s features I started to use more frequently is the clocking of tasks. “Punching the clock” for each task I do was tedious at start, but with time it became a habit. This is a small addition to my workflow, but it comes with significant advantages.

The Colors of New Mexico

I returned from a trip to Albuquerque, New Mexico, and I miss it already. My mind is still running a mental rsync against the usual daily grind, and as rsync goes with large portions of data, this can take a while. One of the things I can bring up already though is the color theme in New Mexico, which was everywhere we went. It seems to convey the colors of the desert: sand to clay browns and yellows, green-gray for the cactus, the turquoise for the sky and water.

Learning Emacs Lisp

After using super-links for almost a year, custom IDs and backlinks became an inseparable part of my workflow. It’s the only part I’ve adopted from the whole Zettelkasten/org-roam craze. Org-mode’s built-in custom IDs don’t make sense, so I decided to create better custom IDs and teach myself some Emacs-lisp in the process.

Capturing Doctor Visits & Sickdays

At work, We need to fill up a timesheet every month. For those of you who are not familiar with the concept, this is usually a spreadsheet with a column for each month of the year and cells for the days of each month. You fill in the code (V for vacation, S for a sickday, etc.) The spots you took off from work. There might be a few more variations of these, but this is the general idea.

Mastodon of Belonging

A typical Saturday morning. I open my eyes, carefully, because they’re dry. I need to use drops. That gets me to sit up, which means I can reach for my phone and check what’s new.

There's Something About Rimworld

I bought Rimworld and played it briefly in January of last year before I put it down. The game has a steep learning curve, and the graphics were too basic to my taste at the time. Thankfully, I gave it another try a few weeks ago.

Harmony of Tea and Coffee

I’ve been dividing my day into two parts recently: coffee AM and tea PM. Both have been giving me happiness recently, especially as the days get shorter and gray.