Recording a Video - On YouTube?

Last weekend1 I pressed the “Public” button on my first YouTube video in a long time. The video itself, a quick discussion about photogrphay and privacy, is nothing too special; but the fact that I finally “cracked” and decided to show my face, and on YouTube for that matter, is.


I’m not a stranger to video recordings2, though my preferred mode of communication remains writing. I wanted to start a visual medium again to have the option to present how-to videos about my technology. This should make sense to those of you who followed my blog: most of it is a collection of tutorials.

I would be lying though if I say all I want is another tool. I could, after all, use PeerTube or perhaps host my video directly somewhere (the video files are compressed well). To be honest, I’m trying to tap into the world of content creation and see if I can make some money in the process.

Before you grab your pitchforks and block me off your Mastodon feed: I’m not going anywhere. I’m not planning on changing my blog or my method posting here. I may also use PeerTube, once I found a suitable server, to present my content there first before YouTube. YouTube, along with Instagram, is a way for me to reach out to people who are not proud techies like those of you who are reading this now.

For me, getting paid for my content is not a goal, but a grading system of sorts. I believe that if I (keep?) creating good content for readers (and viewers), I’ll be graded higher. I have a full time job which I’m not aiming to leave any time soon, and it shall remain my main source of income for a long time. However, it would be nice to work with the technology accessible to me instead of keep pushing against it. You can read more about that in a previous post, where I explained how going privacy full force killed creativity. Actually, why not check the video itself. Let me know what you think also, if not in comments there, in comments here or Mastodon.


  1. In case you were wondering: due to a lot of work at day-job, I posted less and worked less on my content. ↩︎

  2. I recently wrote about my journal videos. I created a script that joins segements together and compresses (by a lot) so the resulting video has a reduced picture quality but increased volume. I call these journal videos “jvids” (I like how the word jjjviiid rolls out of the mouth). I used the same method here, figuring that picture quality doesn’t matter that much when you just talk to the camera. The resulting file was 64 MB for about 10 minutes of talking. I love ffmpeg. ↩︎