Emacs on macOS, Part 2

The next issue I ran into was more complex. After fixing the packages, I wanted to browse my home folder on the Mac with Dired. I got an error that stated: "Listing directory failed but 'access-file' worked". Huh? What’s that about?

Emacs on macOS, Part 1

If it wasn’t for Emacs and other Linux tricks I’ve learned, I’d be happy with my office Mac. But That’s not how I do things. As it turns out, the transition from Linux to macOS wasn’t as smooth as I thought. I have a lot of troubleshooting to cover, and I hope to do so in a couple of parts. Here’s the first part of my recent adventures.

Refreshing my Capture Templates

Originally, I wanted to write a new post about updates to my capture templates. As I was looking into the differences I’ve made over time, I thought it would be a better idea to add these changes at the bottom of the original posts.

Humans and Personality in Technical Blogs

An interesting post from Alex Schroeder yesterday discussed “framing a story” in a blog post. The idea, as I understand it, is to put a narrative into an otherwise technical post, giving it a bit of a personality. This can be a quote or just an introduction (like the one you read here) that has more of a personal touch. It brought some nostalgia I want to get into. Alex’s blog, which he calls “Diary”, is appropriate here.

Additional MPV Functions

MPV is quickly becoming one of my hidden gems. It’s so clean and buttonless, it’s easy to dismiss it as an under-featured video player and keep using VLC: but don’t let the minimalist UI fool you. This only means the player comes with many features turned off, counting on you to turn them on if you need to. Here’s a quick example. I’ve been watching The Expanse1 for the last couple of weeks.

Recording a Video - On YouTube?

Last weekend1 I pressed the “Public” button on my first YouTube video in a long time. The video itself, a quick discussion about photogrphay and privacy, is nothing too special; but the fact that I finally “cracked” and decided to show my face, and on YouTube for that matter, is. I’m not a stranger to video recordings2, though my preferred mode of communication remains writing. I wanted to start a visual medium again to have the option to present how-to videos about my technology.

EWW, Wordnick, and Emacs Satisfaction

I wrote before about EWW, the text-only browser built into Emacs. Last night I’ve implemented a quick lisp function to have it search certain words in Wordnik. I got some help on the Emacs channel on IRC (My lisp gets rusty, I forgot that “let” in lisp lives only in the instant of the function, it doesn’t implement a permanent change). There, I also learned of Abo-abo’s define-word, which seems promising.