EWW, Wordnick, and Emacs Satisfaction

I wrote before about EWW, the text-only browser built into Emacs. Last night I’ve implemented a quick lisp function to have it search certain words in Wordnik. I got some help on the Emacs channel on IRC (My lisp gets rusty, I forgot that “let” in lisp lives only in the instant of the function, it doesn’t implement a permanent change). There, I also learned of Abo-abo’s define-word, which seems promising.

My Regular Podcasts: 2021

One of the things that came back to me with my morning jogs is listening to podcasts. I’ve discussed how I download YouTube videos and podcasts before, and now I want to share the ones I keep getting back to. This Week in Tech: You won’t find scoops or complicated technical jargon here. Instead, you can expect interesting dialogue between people in tech media who discuss current mainstream events.

The Cost of Anonymity is too High

In my last post I wrote about alternatives to Google Maps. That post is inline with what I’ve written here for the last year: my attempts to get away from the big tech companies and keep as much information as possible private. After my recent trip, I decided to give up this Privacy crusade. I came to realize I’ve been sabotaging my passion for photography. Previously, photo taking took place mostly on my Pixel 4a.

Google Maps and its Alternatives

Everyone knows Google Maps. There are competitors: Apple Mas, Bing maps, others. On smartphones though, Android of course but also iPhones, Google Maps is usually the go-to app. There are alternatives. I’m going to explore two here, for different purposes.

Another Privacy Hurdle

Having run this blog for almost three years, I’ve toyed with the idea of creating a more prominent method for folks to leave a tip1. As I found out once again, this is no easy task without giving up privacy.

How to make all-day events stand out in org-mode

Last week, I managed to colorize all-day events on my agenda in a unique color that stands out from the rest. A bit of a hack and a workaround, this is a highly specific solution to a challenge I’ve been trying to solve for about a year. In this post, I will explain why I need this, and how I did it.

Automating Video Recordings in Bash

I didn’t write about my scripts in a long time. This here is a simple script that automates video editing and uploading to a remote host. I’m not sure who’s the right audience for this: if you’re experienced in bash scripts, you won’t find all the explanations needed. If you’re a novice, you might find the script too confusing. I hope you find this interesting, and please feel free to comment, I’m learning more every day.

A Few TRAMP tricks

Like many Emacs users, I’m a big fan of Dired and its cousin, TRAMP. For remote work like the one discussed here, there are two crucial tricks I want to share today.