Learning From Anger

There’s plenty to be angry about. As if there isn’t enough with what’s going on recently, there was plenty happening on a personal scale in the last week. This time, I want to talk about being angry.

Another look at my Journal Capture Templates

More than anything else in my Emacs settings, my org-mode capture templates evolve with my understanding of Emacs, as I learn to do more wonderful things I didn’t know existed. Since I’ve been discussing my writing recently, it’s a good time I want to talk about the journal-related those, where all my writings begins.

Writing on a Daily Basis

I worked out a way to write blog posts almost every day. At this point, I have more posts on the blog each month than I did before. I’m going to share what I do, but know this: it involves a lot of writing.

Of SSH, HTTPS, and GitLab

Pushing to GitLab with my SSH key stopped working a couple of months ago. Every now and then I tried to do a bit of troubleshooting but I didn’t manage to solve the problem… until today.

Of Narrowing Subtrees and Focus

On my TODO list yesterday, I had “C-z > narrow subtree.” Translation: Make C-z, which minimizes Emacs (which I only press by mistake and curse when I do), to narrow to the subtree I’m on instead. What is narrow to subtree, and why should you care?