Discovering Hack The Box

Hack the Box was a site I knew about at some point in the past, but at the time it was an invite-only beta or something of the sort. A friend brought it back to my attention recently. I had a couple of days off of work and I figured I’ll give it a try. I’m glad I did.

Gaming on Linux: Better Than Imagined

It’s fair to say that my gaming experience on Linux is now better than it has been in Windows. There’s too much to cover in one post, so I hope to give a quick overview here and expand on specifics later if there’s interest.

Teaching Tech to Non-Techies

I spent a weekend teaching my mom how to use her new Mac. In the process, I realized I’ve learned from her just as much as she did (hopefully) from me. How do we teach people how to use technology? Here’s a reflection.

MoLi - Monthly Links

Trying to start a new fun tradition and post interesting links I viewed the last month. The idea hit me when I was browsing Alex Schroder’s RSS feed. I’m going to call these “MoLi” (MoLis is the plural) for Monthly Links, and expand a little about why I focused on these.

In February, three links:

About Taking Notes and a Good Tool for Visuals

The biggest tip IT tip I believe I gave anyone is “take your own notes”. Never, under no circumstances, let anyone - not your coworkers, not your boss, not your mom - no one, touch your notes. Needless to say, org-mode tripled the importance of this tip, and my notes have long grown to wikis: one for work, one for personal matters.

Back to Linux (Mint) From Windows

I started writing this post thinking about switching to Linux natively again. As I’m finishing writing, I’m five days using Linux Mint exclusively. I am happy with it. This post is a bit confusing, as I was writing it in parts throughout the experience